Chappard, D., and al., Sinus lift augmentation and ß-TCP:
A microCT and histologic analysis on human bone biopsies. Micron (2010), doi: 1016/j.micron.2009.12.005

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Guillaume B., MD, Paris – France
Optimisation du comblement sinusien par lame ß-TCP
Implantologie, nov. 2009
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June 2009

MicroCT and preparation of ß-TCP granular material by the polyurethane foam method
Pr D. Chappard  -   view article



High porosity synthetic bone substitute


Kasios TCP Dental HP is a synthetic bone substitute with exceptionally high porosity (90%) and total interconnection.
Thanks to this porosity and its chemical composition (beta-TCP), when implanted in bone,
Kasios TCP Dental HP is replaced in 6 or 7 months by neoformed bone tissue.

Kasios TCP Dental HP is packaged in boxes of 5 double cups, individually sterile.

3 available grain sizes:
- 150-500µm
- 500-1000µm
- 1000-2000µm

CE Mark : CE 0459